SAN AIO BORO KIT BY GEROBAK & Vaperzcloud Review


The Vaperz Cloud x GeroBak SAN AIO Boro Kit is a compact and versatile vaping device that offers a delightful experience for both MTL and DL enthusiasts. Crafted from durable aluminum and stainless steel alloy, this sleek kit provides a lightweight and portable alternative to traditional box mod and tank setups. 

Upon receiving the Vaperz Cloud x GeroBak SAN AIO Boro Kit, I immediately noticed its striking resemblance to the Geekvape B100 (Aegis Boost Pro 2) Kit. Both devices share a compact and integrated design, accommodating a single 18650 battery for convenience and portability. Additionally, they feature interchangeable pods/cartridges, catering to a direct lung (DL) vaping style and offering adjustable power settings. The similarities in form factor and functionality between these two kits were evident, providing a sense of familiarity while exploring the Vaperz Cloud offering.

SAN AIO BORO KIT BY GEROBAK & Vaperzcloud Review

One of the standout features of the SAN AIO Boro Kit is its powerful 80W output range, allowing vapers to explore a wide range of wattages to suit their preferences. Powered by a single high-amp 18650 battery (not included), this kit ensures lasting performance throughout the day.

The SAN AIO Boro Kit's compatibility with boro tanks is a major advantage, offering a hassle-free experience with easy-to-use interchangeable airflow pins. With six different sized pins included, vapers have the flexibility to choose their preferred airflow, catering to both MTL and DL vaping styles.

The large capacity boro tank, constructed from PCTG material, holds ample e-jui or salts to keep you vaping for extended periods without frequent refills. The side-fill system makes topping up your favorite flavs a breeze, and the dual post build deck with flathead screws ensures convenient coil installation for single coil configurations.

The button-activated operation, along with the TFT screen and two adjustment buttons, allows for effortless and intuitive control over your vaping settings. The USB Type-C charging port offers speedy charging, ensuring minimal downtime between sessions.

SAN AIO BORO KIT BY GEROBAK & Vaperzcloud Review

With magnetic panels and a threaded drip tip, the SAN AIO Boro Kit stands out as an easy-to-use and stylish device. Its design allows for quick access to the battery and tank, making maintenance and refilling a breeze. Available in stylish Black, Green, Red, and White options, the SAN AIO Boro Kit combines aesthetic appeal with high functionality, making it a must-have for vape enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Vaperz Cloud x GeroBak SAN AIO Boro Kit is a fantastic choice for vapers seeking a portable and flavful vaping experience. Whether you're a cloud chaser or a flav connoisseur, this kit has got you covered. Its versatility, convenience, and outstanding performance make it a top contender for any vaper looking to upgrade their setup.




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