Lost Vape Centaurus B60 AIO VS Centaurus B80 AIO Review

Lost Vape Centaurus B60 AIO VS Centaurus B80 AIO Review

Lost Vape, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovation, has introduced two remarkable AIO (All-in-One) kits: the Centaurus B60 and Centaurus B80. Both devices offer vapers versatile options, but they have unique features to cater to different preferences. Let's dive into a comparative analysis to see how they stack up:

Similarities and Commonalities:

Powerful UB Ultra Coils Compatibility: Both the B60 and B80 kits are compatible with UB Ultra Coils, known for their excellent flavo and vapor production.

Press-Fit Coil Installation: Both devices feature a convenient press-fit coil installation, making coil changes hassle-free.

Stylish Design: Lost Vape has paid great attention to design aesthetics. Both kits come with visually appealing designs and construction materials.

Type-C Charging: The Type-C USB charging ports in both devices ensure faster and more convenient recharging.

PCTG Pod Construction: The pods in both kits are made from durable and clear PCTG material, allowing you to monitor your e-liq levels with ease.

Certainly, let's compare the Lost Vape Centaurus B60 AIO and Lost Vape Centaurus B80 AIO kits from various aspects:

Lost Vape Centaurus B60 AIO VS Centaurus B80 AIO Review

1. Battery Power:

  • Centaurus B60: The B60 features a built-in 1600mAh battery, which is substantial for an AIO device in this class. This internal battery provides enough power for a full day of moderate vaping. It has an adjustable wattage range from 5W to 60W, allowing users to fine-tune their vaping experience.
  • Centaurus B80: The B80, on the other hand, relies on a single 18650 battery (not included), which offers a maximum power output of 80W. This configuration gives it the advantage of potentially longer usage times depending on the battery's capacity, but it requires external batteries and charging.


2. Display and Controls:

  • Centaurus B60: The B60 comes with a 0.42" OLED display that provides clear information about your vaping settings. It features intuitive controls, allowing you to adjust wattage, check battery status, and configure your vape with ease.
  • Centaurus B80: The B80 also boasts a 0.42" OLED screen that provides essential information at a glance. Both devices are user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers.


3. Airflow Control:

  • Centaurus B60: The B60 offers three airflow pin options and dual airflow systems, catering to a wide range of vaping styles from restrictive MTL to more open RDL vaping. This flexibility in airflow is a notable feature, allowing users to fine-tune their draw.
  • Centaurus B80: While the B80 does not explicitly mention airflow options, it does provide the flexibility for users to adjust their vaping experience to their preferences.


4. Build Quality and Design:

  • Centaurus B60: Both devices feature a durable zinc-alloy construction, ensuring longevity and protection against minor impacts. The B60 stands out with its dual-side face panel cover, which enhances its aesthetic appeal.
  • Centaurus B80: The B80 also employs a zinc-alloy and stainless steel chassis, guaranteeing durability. It features magnetic panels on both sides, contributing to a sleek and modern design.


5. Coil Compatibility:

  • Centaurus B60: The B60 is compatible with UB Ultra Coils, known for their excellent flavo and vapor production. This compatibility ensures that users can enjoy satisfying vaping sessions.
  • Centaurus B80: Similarly, the B80 is also compatible with UB Ultra Coils, promising a great vaping experience in terms of flavo and cloud production.


6. Charging:

  • Centaurus B60: The B60 supports Type-C USB charging, which is not only faster but also more convenient. It allows you to quickly recharge your device and get back to vaping.
  • Centaurus B80: The B80 also features a Type-C USB port for efficient recharging, ensuring minimal downtime.


7. Pod Capacity:

  • Centaurus B60: With a 5ml e-liq capacity, the B60's pod can hold a substantial amount of vape juic. This means fewer refills and more continuous vaping.
  • Centaurus B80: The B80 also boasts a 5ml vape juic capacity, catering to extended vaping sessions.


8. Size and Portability:

  • Centaurus B60: The B60 is compact and highly portable, making it suitable for on-the-go vaping. Its size and shape are designed for convenience and comfort.
  • Centaurus B80: While still portable, the B80 is slightly larger due to the single 18650 battery. It remains a practical choice for daily use but may be less discreet than the B60.


9. RBA Mode:

  • Centaurus B60: The B60 offers an RBA mode, allowing more advanced vapers to engage in DIY coil building. This feature is particularly appealing to users who enjoy customizing their vaping experience.
  • Centaurus B80: While the B80 does not specify an RBA mode, its compatibility with UB Ultra Coils and customization options still provide room for tailored vaping.


10. User Preference:

  • Centaurus B60The B60 caters to vapers who appreciate a built-in battery and adjustable wattage settings. It's versatile and well-suited for those who enjoy a variety of vaping styles.
  • Centaurus B80The B80 appeals to users who prefer the convenience of using external 18650 batteries and desire higher power output. It's an excellent choice for those who prioritize longer battery life and more extensive cloud production.


 Lost Vape Centaurus B60 AIO VS Centaurus B80 AIO Review


In conclusion, both the Lost Vape Centaurus B60 AIO and Lost Vape Centaurus B80 AIO kits offer unique advantages and cater to different user preferences. The B60 is compact, has a built-in battery, and is ideal for adjustable wattage settings. In contrast, the B80 offers more power with its external battery and is well-suited for users who prioritize extended battery life and cloud production. Ultimately, the choice between these devices depends on your vaping needs and preferences. Both exemplify Lost Vape's commitment to quality and design excellence in the world of AIO devices.




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