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3Avape VIP Wholesale Program
We provide drop shippers, wholesalers, and bulk buyers with all kinds of professional service and a wide range of products at lowest possible prices.

>No Minimum Orders
Most of our products have no minimum order quantity for wholesale account, simply shop retail products at wholesale prices! Wholesalers can shop big and get even larger discounts! Browse our huge range of products now and see for yourself.

>Fast Delivery
Most of the products are in stock, and there is no waiting for the production. We use DHL, EMS and UPS to ship packages out, which usually takes 3- 5 days on delivery. Order today and rest easy!

>Competitive Industry Prices
We purchase in bulk from the manufacturers to offer our customers the most competitive industry prices. We also have price match policy to ensure that we have the same or better price than our competitors.

>Dedicated Sales Representative for you

How to become a VIP wholesaler?
Please send us an email to and attach a brief description of your business.

We accept PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer for our wholesalers. Kindly note that we offer 2% extra discount when you choose Bank Wire Transfer.

How to Update VIP status?
VIP customers can get extra discounts, please contact us to apply a VIP status for your account when you meet one of the following conditions.

>Total purchase amount (all orders add together)≥3000USD, you are qualified to be VIP1 member of us, you can extra 2% off on all orders.
>Total purchase amount (all orders add together)≥10000USD, you are qualified to be VIP2 member of us, you can get 3% off on all orders.
>Total purchase amount (all orders add together)≥30000USD, you are qualified to be VIP3 member of us, you can get 4% off on all orders.
>Total purchase amount (all orders add together)≥50000USD, you are qualified to be VIP4 member of us, you can get 5% off on all orders.

Ultimate VIP-Distributor Level Wholesale Account
We offer distributor level wholesale account to those customers who spend more than 10,000 each month, all prices are the best! We only accept Bank Wire Transfer for our ultimate VIP account because of the expensive paypal fee and extremely little profit for distributor account.

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