Geekvape Soul Pod System Kit Review

Geekvape Soul Pod System Kit

Geekvape, a trailblazer in the vaping industry, is renowned for delivering cutting-edge and user-centric devices. The Geekvape Soul Pod System Kit is no exception, offering a perfect blend of innovation and style.

Geekvape Soul Pod System Kit

Product Intro

The Geekvape Soul Pod System Kit is a revolutionary open pod system that elevates the vaping experience. It boasts an exquisite design coupled with ergonomic excellence. With a robust 1500mAh battery, 30W max output, and a generous 4.0ml Geekvape Soul cartridge capacity (TPD 2.0ml), this device is a standout choice for both style-conscious and functionality-driven vapers.

First Impressions

The first encounter with the Geekvape Soul is nothing short of impressive. The sleek and sophisticated exterior is a testament to Geekvape's commitment to design excellence. The device's ergonomic shape promises a comfortable grip, and the 0.69-inch screen adds a touch of modernity. The patented leak-proof design immediately instills confidence in its reliability, setting a positive tone for the user experience.

Build Quality and Design

Crafted with attention to detail, the Soul Pod System exhibits superior build quality. The combination of innovation and style is evident in its leak-proof design. The 0.69-inch screen strikes a balance between providing essential information and maintaining a sleek appearance. The auto-draw and button-activated features offer flexibility in usage, catering to diverse vaping preferences.

Battery and Charging

The Geekvape Soul is equipped with a robust 1500mAh battery, ensuring an extended vaping session. The Type-C charging port supports fast and efficient charging, reflecting Geekvape's commitment to user convenience.


Geekvape's dedication to durability shines through in the Soul Pod System. The patented leak-proof design not only enhances reliability but also contributes to the device's overall longevity. The construction materials are chosen for their durability, ensuring the Soul stands the test of time.


With a 30W max output and a versatile coil resistance range (0.6ohm/1.0ohm), the Soul delivers a satisfying vaping experience. The combination of power, a large e-juice capacity, and leak-proof technology ensures consistent and enjoyable performance.

Geekvape Soul Pod System Kit

Pros and Cons


  • Elegant and ergonomic design.
  • Patented leak-proof technology.
  • Versatile auto-draw and button-activated modes.
  • Large 4.0ml cartridge capacity.
  • Impressive 1500mAh battery.



  • Limited color options may not cater to diverse preferences.
  • The 0.69-inch screen could be larger for enhanced visibility.

 Geekvape Soul Pod System Kit


The Geekvape Soul Pod System Kit is a testament to Geekvape's commitment to excellence. It seamlessly combines innovative design, reliability, and performance. Whether you are a style enthusiast or a functionality-driven vaper, the Soul offers a delightful and worry-free vaping experience. Geekvape continues to set industry standards, and the Soul Pod System is a remarkable addition to their illustrious lineup.


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