How to solve the RTA leakage issue?
You may be an intermittent vaper or a chain vaper, tank atomizers can make it easy for you to enjoy uninterrupted vaping for an extended period. You don’t have to refill frequently when you use tank vaporizers. However, RTA vaporizers may sometimes leak due to many reasons.

You can stop your RTA vaping device>> from leaking when you know to find out the reason. Vintage vapers know the ways to solve RTA leakage issues, but beginners might struggle for the same. Only a handful of defects or settings may result in RTA leakage. Let’s explore more.

Too much PG mix might cause RTA leakage
Vg mix can be a possible reason why your tank atomizers leak. High VG e-liquids tend to be thick, and they won’t leak even if you shake your RTA rapidly. On the other hand, low VG e-liquids, especially with less than 50% VG, could leak even if you handle them with utmost vigilance.

If you are using a low VG e-juice, try switching to a high VG liquid. If your e-liquid contains a high VG mix and still your RTA leaks, then look for other possible reasons for RTA leakage issues.

Is the wicking perfect?

In most cases, inappropriate wicking tends to be the reason for RTA leakages. Low-quality cotton may not be able to prevent the e-juices from leaking through the airflow holes. Likewise, thin cotton wicks may not offer protection against leaks.

Check your wicking material and see if the wicking is ideally in place. If not, redo the wicking before you take your next session. If the wicking is perfect, then the RTA is leaking for some other reason. Read on to explore other RTA leakage reasons.

Airflow setting could be the culprit

E-liquid leak through the airflow slots is a widespread problem among vapers. Most vapers use a single airflow setting and may not try to change the airflow unless they need it very badly. Proper airflow can help you achieve the best vapor production.

A very tight airflow setting may sometimes cause pressure inside the vape tank and may lead to e-juice leakage. If your RTA’s airflow is tight, try increasing the airflow. An increase in the airflow will reduce the inside pressure. That way, the leak through the airflow settings will stop instantly.

Other common reasons for RTA leakage issues

The latest vape kits come with high-grade glass tanks and sleek parts. Cracks and poor fitting of components are the most common reason for e-liquid leakage. Also, vaporizers with poor maintenance might leak due to the residues and dirt accumulated in the air holes and the micro gaps between the mod, tank, O-rings, and mouthpiece.


Try looking for the above-discussed defects in your RTA tank. Change the settings, clean up, wick properly, and check the VG mix of your e-liquid. By now, your RTA should work fine without any leakage problems. If you have checked all the parameters and still the leakage persists, you should consider changing your tank.

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