Vapefly Tim Pod System Kit Review

Vapefly Tim Pod System Kit Review

Vapefly, in collaboration with Dampfalot TV, presents the Tim Pod System Kit. This innovative vaping device is designed for the modern vaper, offering a host of features to elevate your vaping experience.

Procuct Introduction

The Vapefly Tim Pod System Kit is a blend of innovative engineering and practical design. It boasts a powerful 1100mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring extended vaping sessions without frequent recharges. The generous 4ml e-liq capacity caters to your vaping needs, while the 30W maximum power output allows for a satisfying draw.

Vapefly Tim Pod System Kit Review

First Impressions

In comparison to the Geekvape WENAX K2 Kit, the Vapefly Tim Pod System Kit appears to stand out in terms of battery capacity and vape juic capacity. With an 1100mAh battery, the Tim promises more extended usage without compromising on portability. The larger 4ml pod also means fewer refills during the day, giving it an edge in terms of convenience.


  • Battery: Built-in 1100mAh
  • Charging: Type-C 2A Fast Charging
  • Operation: Draw/Button-Activated
  • Pod Capacity: 4.0mL
  • Maximum Output Power: 30W
  • Side Filling System
  • Compatible with Vapefly Tim Pod Cartridge


Build Quality and Design

The Vapefly Tim Pod System Kit is well-constructed with an emphasis on durability. Its robust build can withstand the rigors of everyday use, ensuring long-lasting performance. The design is both sleek and functional, making it suitable for vapers who appreciate aesthetics and practicality.

Battery and Charging

One of the Tim Kit's standout features is its 1100mAh rechargeable battery. This is a notable advantage over many pod systems, as it offers prolonged vaping without constantly hunting for a charger. It incorporates a fast charging Type-C port, with the device reaching a full charge in just 40 minutes. This combination of ample battery life and fast charging is a significant pro.


The Tim Kit is built to last, with a focus on durability. Its construction can withstand daily wear and minor impacts, making it a reliable choice for vapers who value robustness in their devices.


With a maximum power output of 30W, the Tim Kit ensures robust vapor production and intense flavo. It caters to vapers who enjoy a more potent draw and a wide range of replacement coils adds to its versatility. The combination of an adjustable wattage setting and various coil options allows you to fine-tune your vaping experience to your preferred e-liqs. Whether you prefer an auto-draw or manual vaping mode, the Tim Kit delivers consistent performance.

Vapefly Tim Pod System Kit ReviewVapefly Tim Pod System Kit Review

Pros and cons


  • Impressive 1100mAh battery capacity for extended use.
  • 4ml vape juic capacity reduces the need for frequent refills.
  • Fast Type-C charging ensures minimal downtime.
  • Versatile with multiple coil options for personalized vaping.
  • Robust build quality ensures durability.
  • The stability of power output due to the step-up circuit board.


  • Some vapers may find the 30W maximum power output limiting if they prefer more intense cloud production.


Vapefly Tim Pod System Kit Review


The Vapefly Tim Pod System Kit shines as a practical and reliable choice for vapers who value extended battery life and e-liq capacity. Its robust build quality, fast charging, and adjustable settings enhance the overall vaping experience. While it may not cater to cloud chasers due to its 30W maximum output, it excels in delivering rich flavo and a hassle-free vaping experience. If you're looking for a dependable and stylish pod system, the Vapefly Tim Kit is worth considering for your vaping needs.


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