Product Review: Uwell Crown S

Uwell Crown S Pod System Kit 1500mAh

Uwell is renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence in the vaping industry. With a reputation for producing high-quality devices, Uwell consistently delivers exceptional performance and user-friendly experiences to vapers worldwide.

Product Intro

Introducing the Uwell Crown S Pod System Kit, a revolutionary device that combines tank-style performance with the convenience of a compact pod system design. With a spacious 5ml vape juice capacity and a powerful 75W maximum output, the Crown S Pod System ensures exceptional vaping experiences.

First Impressions

The Uwell Crown S Pod System Kit presents itself as an equally outstanding and convenient device, akin to the OXVA Oneo Pod Kit 1600mAh. From the moment you hold it, there's a sense of familiarity with its ergonomic design and compact form factor. Much like its counterpart, the Crown S combines innovation with practicality, offering users a hassle-free vaping experience. The similarity in their excellence lies in their ability to seamlessly blend advanced features with user-friendly operation. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vaper, both devices promise unparalleled convenience without compromising on performance or quality.

Build Quality and Design

Crafted from premium materials including PCTG, PC+PBT, and POM, the Crown S Pod System boasts durability and elegance. The device's dimensions of 35.517.5112.8mm make it both pocket-friendly and ergonomic. The array of color options, from Dark Knight to Relaxing Red, ensures a style to suit every vaper's preference.

Battery and Charging

Equipped with a built-in 1500mAh battery, the Uwell Crown S provides ample power for extended vaping sessions. The Type-C charging port offers efficient and convenient charging, ensuring minimal downtime between uses.


With its robust construction and high-quality materials, the Uwell Crown S Pod System is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. Its solid build instills confidence in its longevity, promising enduring performance over time.


The Uwell Crown S Pod System delivers exceptional performance, offering a versatile vaping experience. With three ignition modes and three-level output power adjustment, users can tailor their vaping experience to suit their preferences. The Uwell Crown S Pod Cartridges, featuring integrated coil options ranging from 0.2Ω to 1.0Ω, ensure smooth MTL to rich DTL vaping experiences.

Pros and Cons


  • Tank-style performance in a compact pod system design.
  • Generous 5ml vape juice capacity.
  • Powerful 75W maximum output.
  • Versatile airflow control for customizable vaping experiences.
  • High-quality construction for durability.
  • Three ignition modes and output power adjustment options.



  • May be larger and heavier compared to traditional pod systems.



The Uwell Crown S Pod System Kit  impresses with its innovative design, exceptional performance, and versatility. With its tank-like capacity and powerful output, it offers a unique vaping experience for users seeking both convenience and performance. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vaper, the Crown S is sure to deliver satisfying clouds and rich flavor profiles.


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