Comparison Review: OXVA XLIM SQ Pro VS Geekvape H45 Classic (Aegis Hero 2 Classic)

OXVA XLIM SQ Pro VS Geekvape H45 Classic (Aegis Hero 2 Classic)

The OXVA XLIM SQ Pro and Geekvape H45 Classic (Aegis Hero 2 Classic) Pod Kits are both designed for vapers seeking a blend of style and performance. While they share similarities in appearance, they cater to different preferences and usage scenarios.

OXVA XLIM SQ Pro VS Geekvape H45 Classic (Aegis Hero 2 Classic)

First Impressions

The OXVA XLIM SQ Pro Kit, part of the PRO generation, introduces an updated exterior design, increased power (30W), and a larger 1200mAh battery. Its 0.96-inch color screen and an array of compatible pods provide a versatile and visually appealing vaping experience.

Geekvape H45 Classic (Aegis Hero 2 Classic) Pod Kit maintains the classic Aegis aesthetics while being 15% lighter than its predecessor. The substantial 1400mAh battery and spacious 4ml pod capacity promise extended vaping sessions. It's an excellent choice for those who prioritize portability and durability.

Geekvape H45 Classic (Aegis Hero 2 Classic) Pod Kit

Build Quality and Design

The OXVA XLIM SQ Pro boasts a construction featuring zinc alloy, IML, and PCTG materials, ensuring sturdiness and resistance to leaks. It follows OXVA's modern and rugged design.

In contrast, the Geekvape H45 Classic is designed with an IP68 rating, making it not only rugged but also water-resistant. It embodies the classic and rugged design associated with the Aegis series.

Battery and Charging

The OXVA XLIM SQ Pro is equipped with a 1200mAh battery and offers 5V/2A Type-C charging. On the other hand, the H45 Classic comes with a larger 1400mAh battery and also features a Type-C charging port.

Durability and Performance

The XLIM SQ Pro prides itself on being highly leak-resistant, minimizing any risk of spills. It offers a maximum output of 30W and provides multiple modes, including Smart Mode and Power Mode for a customizable experience.

The Geekvape H45 Classic (Aegis Hero 2 Classic) has a top airflow design, enhancing its durability. With a maximum output of 45W, it produces substantial vapor. It uses the Geekvape B Series Coil, ensuring impressive performance.


Pros and cons



  • Versatile Wattage Range: The 5-30W range allows for flexibility in your vaping experience, from gentle MTL to restricted DTL vaping.
  • Vibrant TFT Screen: The 0.96-inch TFT color screen is not only informative but also visually appealing, allowing you to customize dynamic themes.
  • Cartridge Compatibility: The compatibility with various XLIM series cartridges lets you choose the best fit for your vaping style.
  • Leak-Resistant Design: The highly leak-resistant design ensures that your e-liq stays in the cartridge, not in your pocket.
  • E-Liq Compatibility: The kit works well with both nicotin salts and freebase e-liqs, catering to various vapers' preferences.
  • Fast Charging: The Type-C charging port supports 5V/2A, ensuring your device is back to full power in no time.



    • Limited Cartridge Capacity: The 2ml cartridge capacity might require more frequent refills, particularly for heavy vapers.
    • Max Wattage Limit: For those who prefer higher wattage vaping, the 30W max power might be limiting, and they might want more power for sub-ohm vaping.


    Geekvape H45 Classic (Aegis Hero 2 Classic) : 


    • Long Battery Life: With a 1400mAh battery, it offers extended usage without frequent recharging.
    • Generous E-Liq Capacity: The 4ml tank minimizes the need for frequent refills, ideal for longer vaping sessions.
    • Enhanced Portability: It's 15% lighter than the previous model, improving its portability.
    • Wide Power Range: The device supports a range of 5W to 45W, accommodating various vaping preferences.
    • Great Vapor Production: Equipped with Geekvape B Series Coil, it's excellent for producing large vapor clouds.
    • Leak-Resistant Design: The top airflow design reduces the risk of leakage, ensuring a clean vaping experience.
    • Precise Airflow Control: The tri-airflow system allows customized airflow settings for tailored vaping.
    • Clear Display: The 0.96-inch TFT display provides easy monitoring and settings adjustments.
    • Fast Charging: Type-C charging ensures quick and convenient recharges.



    • Size: While portable, it might be bulky for users who prefer ultra-compact devices.
    • Complex for Beginners: Its wide power range and adjustable airflow might be confusing for newcomers.



    The choice between these two kits depends on individual preferences and priorities. The OXVA XLIM SQ Pro offers versatility and an attractive design with a focus on leak resistance. The Geekvape H45 Classic (Aegis Hero 2 Classic) Pod Kit is ideal for those who prioritize durability, higher power, and vapor production. Both are excellent devices, and your choice will depend on your specific vaping needs and style preferences.


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