HorizonTech MAGICO Coil Compatibility Coil Guide


When it comes to delivering a magical vaping experience, you need compatible coils that can keep up. Horizon knows this well, and that's why they've introduced the HorizonTech MAGICO REPLACEMENT Coils, designed to take your vaping to new heights.

The Magic of Choice

Coil series Specifications Resistance Power Range Compatible Product
MAGICO Magico Mesh Coil 0.12ohm 25W Horizon MAGICO Stick Kit
Horizon MAGICO Tank
Magico NS Coil 1.8ohm 13W

What sets the MAGICO Coils apart is the versatility they offer. This coil family includes two outstanding options, allowing you to fine-tune your vaping style.

First, there's the 0.12-ohm Magico Mesh Coil, perfectly rated for 25W. It’s the choice for those seeking impressive clouds and intense flavor. If you're chasing the magic of direct-to-lung vaping, this coil is your answer.

On the other hand, the 1.8-ohm Magico NS Coil, rated for 13W, is for those who enjoy a more subdued, mouth-to-lung experience. Perfect for savoring e-liquids and nic salts, it conjures a smooth, flavorful draw.

Bamboo Fiber Wicking

The wicking medium of these coils is bamboo fiber, a natural, environmentally friendly material. It has superior wicking capabilities, ensuring that your coils stay saturated, and you continue to enjoy the magical flavors of your e-liquids.

Easy Installation

Changing your coils should be effortless, and the MAGICO Coils offer just that. They have a threaded coil connection, ensuring a secure fit. Say goodbye to the hassle of loose or misfitted coils.

Stock Up on Magic

In each pack, you receive three MAGICO REPLACEMENT Coils. This means you'll have enough to keep the magic going, allowing you to enjoy the enchantment of vaping for an extended period before needing replacements.

Where Can You Use MAGICO Coils?

MAGICO coils are designed to work seamlessly with the HorizonTech MAGICO Stick Kit and the Horizon MAGICO Tank. Whether you prefer a compact pen-style setup or a more traditional tank setup, these coils have you covered.

Experience Magic in Every Puff

In conclusion, if you're looking to add a touch of magic to your vaping journey, the Horizon MAGICO REPLACEMENT Coils are the way to go. Their versatility, combined with the choice of mesh or NS coils, caters to different vaping preferences. So, whether you're a cloud chaser or a flavor enthusiast, these coils ensure you experience the magic in every puff.

Enhance your vaping experience today with Horizon MAGICO REPLACEMENT Coils. Because in the world of vaping, a little magic can go a long way.


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HorizonTech MAGICO Coil Compatibility Coil Guide