PRODUCT REVIEW: Vaporesso Veco Go Pod Kit

Vaporesso Veco Go

Vaporesso, a prominent player in the vaping industry, has been a significant brand since 2015, introducing a range of highly popular devices like the XROS and Luxe series. Navigating the vast landscape of mod pod vapes can be quite a challenge, especially when searching for the perfect balance of aesthetics and performance. To aid in this quest, we delve into the Vaporesso Veco Go - a mod pod device that effortlessly merges sleek style with classic functionality. With a 1500mAh battery, a 5ml e-liq capacity, and a mesh coil, this device promises an impressive vaping experience. Join us as we share our firsthand encounter with the Veco Go.

Product Intro

The Vaporesso Veco Go Pod Kit 1500mAh is a stylish pen-style vaping device designed with beginners in mind. It combines vibrant colors and an elegant exterior, seamlessly merging style with reliability and impressive performance, all packed within a lightweight and portable body. Boasting a 1500mAh battery and a generous 5ml e-liq capacity, this kit ensures prolonged vaping sessions. The incorporation of COREX heating technology ensures precise flav delivery, even heating, and an extended pod lifespan. The magnetic pod design allows for adjustable airflow, and the bottom-fill system simplifies refills. This kit is a perfect choice for those seeking a straightforward yet high-quality vaping experience.

Vaporesso Veco Go Pod Kit

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: Φ23.4 * 112.5mm
  • POD Capacity: 5ml
  • Pod Resistance: 0.6Ω/0.8Ω
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Output Power: 25W MAX
  • Charging Current: DC 5V/2A, Type-C
  • Pen-style
  • COREX heating tech
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Anti-leaking & Anti-messing
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Bottom Filling System
  • Neon Battery Indicator

Box Contents

  • 1*Vaporesso VECO GO Battery
  • 1*Vaporesso VECO GO 0.6ohm Pod(5ml)
  • 1*User Manual


Vaporesso Veco Go Pod Kit 1500mAh

First Impressions

Upon unboxing the Veco Go, you're greeted with an immediate sense of sophistication. Its sleek and slender profile, coupled with an array of vibrant colors, exudes an air of modern elegance. It's a device that demands attention and is ready to accompany you wherever you go.

Body Design

The Veco Go presents an intriguing modern design, featuring a pen-shaped metallic exterior adorned with a captivating two-tone gradient. The brand's logo adorns one side, while a clever airflow control slider graces the other, enhancing the device's elegance. Adjusting the airflow is a unique twist - by rotating the pod, you can customize the draw to your preference.

During inhalation, the LED band encircling the base of the vape lights up, serving as both a modern aesthetic element and a battery indicator. Conveniently, a Type-C USB port is situated at the bottom for efficient recharging.

Pod Design

The Veco Go is equipped with a standard 5mL Pod housing a 0.6-ohm mesh coil, a design choice that adheres to industry norms while maintaining its unique charm. The pod's shape mirrors the device, culminating in a sleek duckbill mouthpiece enveloped in tinted polycarbonate plastic. Magnets securely hold the pod in place, ensuring stability, while a bottom refill port, adorned with a user-friendly silicone cap, simplifies refills.

The Veco Go's pod showcases robustness, ready to endure numerous refills, and replacement pods, available in convenient 2-packs, extend its lifespan.



The Veco Go's metallic exterior and robust polycarbonate Pod construction form a robust combination, ensuring resilience and durability. Rigorous testing showed its ability to withstand scratches and wear, showcasing its lasting power and making it a reliable companion.

Leak-Proof Assurance

One of the Veco Go's standout features is its impressive leak-proof design, a rarity in the vaping realm. The device's ability to tackle leaks elevates user experience, coupled with the pre-installed coil that reduces potential issues related to installation.


The Veco Go's sleek cylindrical design merges style and comfort seamlessly. Its aluminum body maintains a cool touch, ensuring a comfortable grip and preventing discomfort from extended use. The mouthpiece design further contributes to user comfort, allowing for a natural and comfortable vaping experience.

Battery and Charging

An LED strip along the base serves as a dynamic battery indicator:

  • Green LED: 70 – 100% charge
  • Blue LED: 20 – 70% charge
  • Red LED: 0 – 20% charge

    The Veco Go boasts a robust 1500mAh battery, offering both powerful hits and commendable battery life. In our tests, a single charge sustained vaping for 8 to 10 hours, making it an excellent choice for longer vaping sessions.Recharging is a breeze via the Type-C USB port at the base, taking approximately 40 to 60 minutes to reach full capacity - a timeframe within the industry standard.



    The Veco Go's performance is captivating, delivering full-bodied, warm hits and substantial vapor production with each draw. Cloud chasers will relish in the generous clouds it produces. The mesh coil's adept temperature control ensures a comfortable and satisfying experience, striking a balance between warmth and smoothness.

    The Veco Go's adjustable airflow valve provides precise control, catering to both mouth-to-lung (MTL) and restricted-direct-lung (RDL) preferences. This adaptability makes it an appealing choice for vapers of all levels.

    Minor Quirk at Low Battery

    An occasional quirk emerged during our testing, resulting in inconsistent hits at lower battery levels. This phenomenon was most noticeable when the battery level LED was blue, indicating it might be related to specific battery conditions.

    Pros and Cons


    • Sleek and stylish design
    • Impressive leak-proof design
    • Robust battery capacity
    • Adjustable airflow for customized draws
    • Comfortable and ergonomic grip
    • Substantial vapor production


    • Inconsistent hits at low battery levels (observed in specific instances)

    Vaporesso Veco Go Pod Kit


    The Vaporesso Veco Go Pod Kit 1500mAh is an embodiment of affordability, quality, and performance. Its alluring exterior and durable build make it a trustworthy companion. The leak-proof mechanism and pre-installed coil enhance the vaping experience, ensuring hassle-free usage.

    Empowered by a substantial battery and notable vapor production, the Veco Go is an excellent choice for cloud chasers. Its adjustable airflow valve accommodates different preferences, from MTL to RDL. The minor quirk at low battery levels, although notable, is manageable.

    In summary, the Vaporesso Veco Go Pod Kit 1500mAh stands as an excellent choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of affordability, performance, and quality in their mod Pod vaping journey.

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