Best 5 Vape Starter Kits in 2021

Best 5 Vape Starter Kits in 2021

Why Vape Starter Kits?

Shifting from smoking to vaping is worrisome for some people as they don’t want to get into the hassle of technicalities revolving around vape devices. As new to vaping, vapers don’t have the knowledge or time to choose the right components for pursuing the vaping experience. For all those people who are reluctant to vape due to the minute details vape enthusiasts carry in their devices, starter kits relieve them from all such technicalities and give them a complete package that has negligible customization or settings. It comes with default settings and gives an easy way for beginners to start vaping smoothly.

Top 5 Best Starter Kits in 2021

We have gathered some of the best starter kit vape devices, that are easy to operate and offer complete moderation without any prior knowledge about vaping kits or parts.

1. Geekvape Wenax C1 Pod kit 950mah 3ml

In 2021 many premium starter kits have appeared among them Geekvape Wenax C1 Pod is considered the best starter kit to start a smooth vaping journey. It is a designer look minimal flat vape device that promises the ultimate vaping experience. It has a single button and capable of high PG vaping that is for higher throat hits. This Geekvape Wenax C1 comes with a 950mAH long-lasting battery and 3ml of capacity. It also comes with 0.8ohm pre-installed coil and one separate 0.6ohm coil. The pod has a side filling mechanism for an easy vape filling system. If you want to avoid the technicalities, then just go for the Wenax C1 starter kit vape device and enjoy the best vaping experience.

2. SMOK ACRO Pod System Kit 1000mah 25W

SMOK as a champion in creating perfect vape devices has come up with the best starter kit for smokers and beginner vapers to start vaping smoothly. SMOK ACRO Pod System Kit has a draw activation mechanism as well as button activation. The device requires low maintenance and easily adjustable power from 5W to 25W giving weak to strong hits. Once adjusted it gives an undisturbed vapor production with its super 1000mAH battery. It also comes with 2 pods of pre-installed coils that are MTL 1ohm 2ml for stronger vapor smoke and Mesh 0.8ohm 2ml for stronger throat hits. It is a minimal yet exquisite vape kit that gives all features in a single vape device. Grab one and enjoy an easy vaping kit.

3. Vaporesso LUXE Q Pod System Kit 1000mah

A palm-fitting vape starter kit with a premium design and buttonless usage, Vaporesso LUXE Q Pod System Kit gives vapers a robust starter kit to begin their vaping journey smoothly. It comes with two types of pods that are 0.8ohm Mesh Pod for vaping experience and 0.12ohm to enjoy strong throat hits. Apart from that, there is no need for customization as it comes with default settings. LUXE Q Pod System Kit is portable and can be taken anywhere and a 1000mAh battery offers a long-lasting vape device.

4. UWELL Yearn Neat 2 520mAh Pod System Kit

UWELL Yearn Neat 2 is another starter kit to provide complete freedom from the nuisance of constant settings and customizations in vape devices. It comes with default vaping settings and with pre-installed 0.9ohm 2 pod mesh coils for strong vaping experience. With its shining metallic surface and buttonless draw activation mechanism, UWELL Yearn Neat 2 gives total reliability and a long-lasting vaping experience to the vapers. 520mAh battery lasts throughout the day and the LED blinker gives an account of the battery usage. It is a simplistic starter kit to start vaping in 2021.

5. VOOPOO Vinci Pod System Kit 800mah

VOOPOO Vinci Pod System Kit is a true example of freedom and reliability. The device comes in 800mAh of power that gives a long-lasting vaping experience to the vapers. From smooth metallic surface to one button start design, VOOPOO Vinci Pod System is a minimal vape that is easy to maintain and use. The pod comes with a pre-installed 0.8ohm coil and 2ml of capacity. Vape just by charging the vape kit and by filling the pod with initiate the best vaping experience. A complete kit for all beginners as well as pro vapers.


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