Coil Father

Coil Father is one of the leading designers, manufacturers and direct retailers of the highest quality, premium coils vape supplies in the vaping industry. Your might be familiar with some featured products: X6S Vape DIY Tool Kit, Heat Wire Coil Jig and the Hade Resin Squonk Mod.

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  • Coil Father Pop Pod Kit 600mAh

    11,35 US$
    Pre Order
  • Coil Father "8" Folding Scissor

    1,55 US$
  • Coil Father Super Diagonal Plier

    3,50 US$
  • Coil Father 7 in 1 Screwdrivers Pen Set

    1,65 US$
  • Coil Father Hades Resin Squonk Mod

    18,50 US$
  • Coil Father X6S Vape DIY Tool Kit

    12,50 US$
  • Coil Father Sushi Camo Tool Kit

    11,50 US$

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