Freemax NS MESH Series Coils Compatibility Coil Guide

Freemax NS MESH Series Coils Compatibility Coil Guide

Before we delve into the intricate world of Freemax NS MESH Coils, let's acquaint ourselves with Freemax - a pioneer and a prominent name in the vaping industry. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, Freemax has earned its stripes as a trusted brand amongst vapers worldwide. Their passion for crafting cutting-edge solutions and pushing the boundaries of vaping technology is second to none.

Freemax's NS MESH Coils are a testament to their dedication to excellence. These coils are designed to take your vaping experience to new heights, offering a perfect balance of flavo, vapor production, compatibility and coil longevity. NS MESH Coils come in two variations, each meticulously crafted to cater to different preferences.

Coil series Specifications Type Resistance Power Range Compatible Product
NS MESH NS Mesh Coil  66.66% Flax Cotton & 33.34% OrganIc Cotton 1.0ohm  11W Maxpod Pod
NS Mesh Coil  44.44% Flax Cotton & 55.56% Organlc Cotton 1.5ohm  8W

NS Mesh Coil 1.0ohm: Flavo Enthusiasts' Delight

The 1.0ohm NS Mesh Coil is engineered to cater to those who relish the essence of their e-liquids. It boasts a unique composition of 66.66% Flax Cotton and 33.34% Organic Cotton, which provides a delightful balance of flavor purity and cloud satisfaction. Operating at a modest 11W, this coil is perfect for those who prefer a smoother, more restricted draw.

NS Mesh Coil 1.5ohm: For MTL Aficionados

If you're a fan of mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, the 1.5ohm NS Mesh Coil is your ideal companion. With a composition of 44.44% Flax Cotton and 55.56% Organic Cotton, it delivers an exquisite MTL vaping experience. Operating at a gentle 8W, it's designed to provide a satisfying throat hit and bold flavo.

Compatibility: Maxpod Pod

Freemax NS MESH Coils are tailor-made for the Maxpod Pod system. This synergy ensures that you get the best performance and flavo from your Maxpod, making every puff an enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, Freemax NS MESH Coils are a testament to Freemax's commitment to delivering unparalleled vaping experiences. Whether you're a flavor chaser or an MTL enthusiast, these coils have got you covered. Elevate your vaping game with Freemax NS MESH Coils and savor every moment of your vaping journey.

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Freemax NS MESH Series Coils Compatibility Coil GuideFreemax NS MESH Series Coils Compatibility Coil Guide